IF you ask yourself " what is my ip " than you are on right place.Just type a ip address or domain , website name and learn where it is.Find out your IP Address or domain name to lookup. IP Address details : City, State / Region, Postal / Zip Code, Country Name, Country Code, Time Zone, ISP. IPSorgulama.net is free service which can help you to find ip address location and  provide you the place of this ip with its location on map.

IP (adresim):










  • Country:United States / Birleşik Devletler (US)
  • Region/Postal:Ashburn / VA
  • City/State :Ashburn
  • Time Zone:America/New_York
  • Country code:NA
  • Zip code:703
  • Latitude/Longitude :39.0437 / -77.4875
  • ISP:Merck and Co.
  • Host:ec2-54-225-57-89.compute-1.amazonaws.com
  • Browser info: Unknown ? (Unknown)
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What is ip address and using information

IP address (Internet Protocol) network that uses nearly all of the devices recognize each other and communicate on a unique number. A device that uses the internet connection on it has this number. Thanks to this trick, devices on the Internet with each other correct data to be retrieved from the correct ip address to be sent to the address or data allows.

What is IPv4  protocol

The IPv4 protocol is still being used today that are active. This Protocol sekit 4-bit digits, the digits may vary between 0 and 255, and de1. number starts from 0 and may vary between.

What is IPv6  protocol

Blocks of IP addresses in the IPv4 Protocol are allocated. IPv4 IPv6 protocol remain inadequate to meet the needs due to increased network because the user has been developed. Differ much from IPv4 IPv6 128 bits wide, corresponds to the Buddha 2128e.

Why are we using IP Address ?

IP address from chase today, used in many fields ranging from online shopping. A person with an IP address location (Country,City,provider, latitude and longitude) it is possible to determine. Allow this determination to be made, a large data base that belong to the IP Block data is kept. This data continues to accrue millions on the line. With these databases, and constantly updates this data for certain companies which offers you with a fee. You can access this data free of charge via IP query.

Lookup Static IP Address

It doesn't matter if this IP is static or dynamic.You are querying a lot of information it is possible to see the rope together.I.e. latitude and longitude location information of the IP numbers of the region such as Turkey, EN ,or you can find detailed information about the service provider.I bought the safe from the internet service provider company.These outside location information of an IP in the form of a map it is possible to see.You can see the map online, thanks to Google. IPSorgulama.net learning static IP , static IP querying , questioning static IP like you can find with a search.Dynamic IPS are included in this.

 What is dns and What is dns lookup ?

DNS (English: the domain name system) on the Internet or on a network , devices ( computers,website names, or other resources have been created, and a naming system that corresponds to an IP address.Log on to the network or to the internet, every device that has an IP address.These IP addresses can be easily remembered and easy to use so it would be expressed in writing.For example, consider a web site .This website has an IP address and the IP address of this site not by typing the name of that site for direct access do not access this site.As my work is easier to remember and easy to use.As an example ipsorgulama.net , web address such as an IP address is defined as.To enter this site by typing the site name we can enter the direct IP instead of typing.More simply, if necessary, a domain name that is easily understandable and memorable by humans with computers that can understand numeric addresses (i.e. IP addresses) that maps system. DNS, in a sense, this ease is made for people not for computers..it is a system that provides us with the DNS ( Domain Name System).Internet addresses the IP address of DNS servers holds.This record is subject to a certain fee ( annually $ 30). Here is the domain name system, a domain name that is meaningful to query that field by people engaged together with the name of the computer and converts IP addresses to devices and services. As in the above example you www.ipsorgulama.net when you write to return the system to that address and find the IP address by directing the computer system at that address, Server, etc. allows you to reach.

How dns works ?

Domain name System DNS consists of name servers and resolvers. Computers held as name servers, host names and the corresponding IP address holds information. Secondary DNS is a client. DNS clients or servers include the addresses of the DNS server. The name of the computer that corresponds to a DNS client when you want to find the IP address, the name server refers to. Name server a DNS server also if it exists in your own database, this name corresponds to the IP address that sends it to the client. DNS database records manually, individually must be entered. Reviewed a quote from Wikipedia.